Glopress became a member of SaskBooks!

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On June 11th of 2019, our president Rachel Xiao and CEO Robin Liu met with Jillian Bell, SaskBooks’ Director of Marketing and financial officer. Robin Liu made a brief introduction of Glopress’s history and affiliate company, and Glopress’s business of purchasing foreign rights of locally published manuscripts and publishing in China for a Chinese market. Jillian Bell is very glad to know that we could help local publishers with the sales of the foreign rights of their manuscripts. Finally Jillian introduced us the benefits of becoming a member of SaskBooks, and offered us this opportunity. Glopress made application at the meeting and became a SaskBooks member on the second day.

Saskbooks Logo

Now Glopress is on the member list of SaskBooks website with a brief introduction. Here you can see our presentation on SaskBooks:

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